Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On Vocalizing

It wasn't the first time that I got told off for being too quiet. Many a time, newly met people would be thinking I'm too arrogant to say hi. I for one, find it hard to say more than just hi when I have no idea who the person is, until I warm up and know more about him/her. So... yeah. Perhaps, just like a 8 to 9 month old toddler, when they were hold by strangers, they would start crying because of the stranger anxiety; instead of crying, maybe I too, developed stranger anxiety and became mute.

Professor asked about the development of human speech. It was interesting in a way. Have you ever look at it?

A baby first starts with crying (which, well, isn't really considered speech)..

But when they first start off, they vocalize. Ooooo Aaaaaa oooooo aaaaa ooooo aaaa

And then, only they learnt how to babble. They learnt how to pursed their lips for a while. So you start to hear baaaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaa

By the time they're 8 to 9 month old, they start to put the syllable together. Baabaaaaaa Maaamaaaaa... And that's where all the new parents got all excited thinking their child calling out for them. For all we know, baby didn't actually call out "Mama" specifically...

Not until they're 1 year old. Or somewhere there. They finally meant it.

Slowly, they learned to pick up more words. After 1 year old, they learned more nouns. Eat! Poopoo! Gaigai! Iu! And God knows what sort of neologism they have. I know I called water "IU" when I was young. It's actually French!

So when the baby turns 2, they join the words. Want eat! Want Iu! Want pee!

And there'd be 3 words after another year.

And so on...

And progresses...

And when they're 24 like me, they talk crap like me. Or write crap like me now.

ps: Is it just me or everyone thought that the toddler in the pic I attached looked... old... LOL

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Small Kucing said...

Ahemm....quiet also cannot ka? Tak kenal mah...suddenly so friendly...scary wor.

Twilight Man said...

Yeah I fully agree 100% that you are arrogant, not warm and big snob! When I heard you were having your weekly period, I forgave you right away.

Medie007 said...


[SK] said...

errr, why would you call water "iu"?? we used to say "gok gok", haha.. and BTW, water in french is eau and pronounced "O" not "iu"~~ :)