Friday, September 23, 2011

On OCD versus OCPD

Obsessive compulsive disorder versus obsessive compulsive personality disorder. Which one do you have?

Like what I've posted yesterday, I have hypochondriasis that is not severe enough to be diagnosed. So yeah today, I think I might tell you I have obsessive compulsive disorder that is not severe enough to be diagnosed. In another word, I'm being hypochondriatic, somewhat.

I used to have this habit that, the outdoors is full of germ, and when you're indoor, you should shower, change and you're only allowed to sit in certain area, and definitely not the bedroom. But if you accidentally sit on the bed, I'd change the bedsheet. Or if you've touched the door knob, I'd wipe it with antiseptic. And you're only allowed to walk in a certain area that is already contaminated, and is kept that way so you have a space to walk on without contaminating the rest of the space.

I definitely know it's wrong. Ego-dystonic, what they say.

But I just couldn't help it.

And I don't think it's my personality disorder. Where the patients usually are ego-syntonic.

So it's definitely obsessive compulsive.

Still, not bad enough to get me diagnosed.

So... It's definitely the hypochondriasis.

I hope there's no psychiatrist reading this. By all means, this is not educational. This is just pure crap.

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Small Kucing said...

LOL....dont be like Mr Monk enough la...Friday la...time to relax

TZ said...

i like the Monk drama... Mr. Monk really OCD/OCPD eh~

foongpc said...

I still don't like to sleep on my bed unless I have properly showered : )

Medie007 said...

u know, Mr. Monk died in the end?