Friday, September 30, 2011

On the Kek 'Luck' (Look) Tong

I'm sorry if I'm taking up all your bandwith, but well, let's just say this week is travel week. So naturally... photos. LOL.

Visited another cave in Ipoh when I was there. The moment I stepped in, my breath was just taken away.

The entrance was a huge space with cave roofing and marbled floor. Speaking about preserving the natural surroundings, this one sure did preserve a good portion of the stalagtite and stalagmite yet providing a good form of comfort with the marbled floor.

The natural stones formation were just amazing. I was reminded of the times when I was in Mulu National Park. I could so spend time in there. Just... mesmerizing...

This place has become sort of like a hang out place for families over the weekend it seemed. Maybe because there were families with younger children when I was there. It was like in the past when Mum and Dad brought us to a cave in our town in the weekends just to relax, 15 years back.

I suppose, I could use some relaxing time here as well. If only it's not too far from where I stay.

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[SK] said...

nah, yours are just peanuts to some other blogs that can never completely load in an hour~~ :p

Small Kucing said...

the yellowish photos rather scary looking...kekeke

Medie007 said...

haha. which yellowish one?

Gratitude said...

How come you didn't show a pic of the sprawling gardens at the back? hmmm

Medie007 said...

cuz it was raining... hahaha