Monday, August 29, 2011

On the Abnormal Placenta

Warning: Not for the faint-hearted.

Class was scheduled to be in the ward. Everyone was asked to prepare a case, so that the lecturer would pick anyone to present their case. So we waited. From 9.30am... Until 10.00am... Then 10.30am... The lecturer called and told us she was still in the operation theater, and she was on her way. So we waited... 11.00am... Then finally by 11.30am... The lecturer called and apologized. And asked us to go to the operation theater.

We followed her into the operation theater complex up till just outside the sterile corridor and was asked to wait. A moment later, she came out, pushing a trolley. "I think this is interesting, and I want to share with you all."

"Placenta succentuariata!" (Sounds like some spell no? Pardon me, still can't get over the Harry Potter craze. LOL)

Placenta Succenturiata: The placenta consists of a large lobe and a smaller one connecting together by membranes. The umbilical cord is inserted into the large lobe and branches of its vessels cross the membranes to the small succenturiate (accessory) lobe. The accessory lobe may be retained in the uterus after delivery leading to postpartum haemorrhage. This is suspected if a circular gap is detected in the membranes from which blood vessels pass towards the edge of the main placenta.
And so we were taught how to examine the placenta, the membranes, the umbilicus, the cotyledons, the shape of the placenta etc etc... Didn't know there were so much to talk about, even though I had done 5 deliveries last year, including their placentas. LOL. Speaking about lazy guy not wanting to learn here. Bleah XP

By the way, if you haven't know, placenta is the piece of meat attached to the womb of our mothers when we were still erm, not a baby yet; and it was connected to us while we were still, erm, not a baby yet, at the umbilicus. That's why we have this useless hole in our tummy now.

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Robinn T said...

owh and I thought it was supposed to be grey.

Small Kucing said...

ooo...this is the one they used to make all those beauty product one ka?

btw, if you have the time, do drop by Veronica's blog . She is trying to help an Old Folks home for a good cause.


Twilight Man said...

Why.didn't you take.home some? We can make face mask and look younger!!

doc said...

you can always decorate this "useless hole" with rings & thus, look "cool"!