Monday, July 11, 2011

On Joining the Crowd

It was a very warm Saturday. Mum and Dad was in town. We thought we'd just save some electricity (after the bloody raise of 7%, bullshit it doesn't affect most of the citizens), we headed to Mid Valley Megamall. Being a weekend, I've expected the massive crowd in the mall, and the lack of parking spaces. But I was lucky enough to get one in the office block, and we headed into the mall.

The first thing that welcomed us in the Centre court, was a replica of a ship, in conjunction with the launch of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. And the crowd there was, suffocating. We walked towards Gardens, thinking the air-conditioned would be cooler and the crowd would be smaller. Indeed, it was, somewhat.

But it was even better after lunch, when we headed into Isetan and wiped our hands on the clothes; i.e. trying on the clothes that caught our eye without any intentions of buying. Mum did however, purchased a blouse. We were inside the store for over 2 hours.

By 1800, we decided to make a move. The jam was horrible. The crowd was increadible. And the parking fees were... not that cheap after all.


So people... Going to malls don't actually help you save your money on a hot warm day. Parking fees are revised again and again because the management of the malls too, need to cope with the raise in the electricity bills.

But of course, I've got some place only we, i.e. people I go with, know... LOL.

4 Jujus:

Twilight Man said...

You should have taken them to 1MK as their air con is forever cold and no crowd. Parking flat rate on weekends. LOL

Robinn T said...

its still there???? I mean the ship. They should get like hogwart's castle or something by now

Gratitude said...

Aiyah, wanna go out, go out lah. Save money on lower electricity bill konon! Rofl

[SK] said...

cheh.. i thot u went for the rally~~ :p