Saturday, July 09, 2011

On Fat Measurement in the Gym

We headed to the gym where sis was a member during the holidays. Sis wanna bring Mum and Dad to the gym, so at least they know what it's really like. As usual, these gyms don't give out free passes without sitting you down and make you listen to all the bulls. And before we knew it, we were all at the weighing area measuring our height and weight and fat percentage and all...

Rest assured...

I'm obese, with my fat percentage in the morbid level.

The personal trainer advised that I should lose weight. My BMI is over the roof, my fat distribution is putting me at risk for heart attacks any time in the future. And at such a young age, it's not worth it.

Sis protested when we were on our way home. "Actually BMI isn't really accurate for Medie one cuz he's an athlete mar. It's only applicable for those who leads a sedentary lifestyle."

When I listened to that, I was like, OMG. I'm an athlete in their eyes now?!!?!?!

Running in running events occasionally doesn't make me an athlete!

But then again, my muscle mass is kinda in the green zone. LOL. So maybe... I am pretty athletic after all.

A heavyweight athlete. LMAO.

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[SK] said...

BMI is not accurate and differs with different people, go for body mass composition test..

Robinn T said...

yay!!!*point finger at self* ada geng kawan yoz!

Bengbeng said...

i cannot imagine u as overweightlah