Tuesday, June 07, 2011

On the New Balance Pacesetters 15km 2011

Was asked whether I wanted to join this running events months ago. Took a look at the information sheets, and was talking to another friend of mine. 15km in 1 hour 40 minutes is, well... I don't think I could. That's practically running at about 10km per hour, where as I'm just a leisure runner who jogs at 7kmph most of the time. So, actually, it's practically impossible.

So yeah, I didn't think I could make it. I would probably go tire myself out running as fast as I could and still couldn't get the much-wanted finishing medal as I won't be able to finish the run within the qualifying time.

Therefore, I didn't go register for this one.

But who'd have guessed, someone from the organizing committee later told me that, as long as I cross the finishing line, the finisher medal's mine.

It's gonna be another blog about my running experience. Bo.Ring. But then again, I think I do wanna crap some more about it. It's kinda like, when I arrived, I was frantically looking for a car park, there was no signs to be seen, and I could see another car stopping at the junction, hoping to see if there's any other lost runners. But alas, we managed to park at the open parking behind one of the buildings, whatever it is. Many professional runners this one, and all of them were already jogging to warm up when I walked towards the starting line.

It's a very modest event. I mean, there's no lavish big gigantic starting arch or whatsoever. It's very small, only able to accomodate 4 person simultaneously as everyone need to squeeze through the arch to cross the pedal, as there was timing chip attached.

The run was awesome. They moved the starting time from 0710 to 0630, which was genius! It was cool, and to top it off, it was actually cloudy and windy. So the running experience was actually super great. The route of the running was, well, I had no idea. I just follow the crowd after I crossed the starting arch. As there was only one category, all the runners irregardless of gender were flagged off at the same time. Therefore, you don't get people dashing and cutting in front of you and sped off at the start. Everyone was jogging at about 8kmph to 10kmph. For a moment, I thought it was really meant for the passionate runners.

I for one, with the weather factor and that well, I guessed I've been training half hour daily for the past 2 weeks, I was able to maintain my speed! LOL. I was amazed myself. I started off at 8kmph I think. Reached the first water station which was at the 4th km 25 minutes. Reached the 8km mark at 57 minutes. Reached the 12km mark at 1 hour 28 minutes. And after that, I sorta just slowed down to walk and probably had a leisure jog. Crossed the finishing line at 1 hour 50 minutes, 10 minutes later than the qualifying time.

But still... my 6th finisher medal of this year. Wee!~ Accumulated kms ran so far: 85km. Wahaha.

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Anonymous said...

Dang fatty, you didn't invite...

Robinn T said...

ARGHHHHH!!!! Apparently I have a few friends who ran in that event too, including an uncle XD. Std chtd I'm so gonna die.

Twilight Man said...

Why so many RUNs are now at Putrajaya? People will get tired of same govt offices! Soon I will work in PM's dept too! Ha ha ha....

Small Kucing said...

salute you....another run?