Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On the Ekiden Relay Run 2011

Okay. So there was this seemingly disturbing speech (at least to me) about the youths camping in the administrative capital in conjunction with the World Youth Day, of which the Ekiden Relay Run was also part of the event. Therefore, when I heard about it, I sort of felt, slightly, honestly, a bit disgusted at how he was trying assimilate politics in his speech. Fear of the election much? Hmm... But anyways...The 6th Malaysia International Ekiden Run 2011 held last Sunday in Putrajaya was... FUN! LOL.

Though it's just a 3km run on my part, but the event being a relay run sort of make it exciting, so much so that I was so nervous I felt my palpitations. The flag off time was as late as 8 am, which makes it really torturing, especially for the 2nd runners and beyond, who had to run under the scorching sun.

Anyways, a brief rule about this relay run. Basically we had to register in a team of 5 runners. Each runner will run 3km, with a sash around the body. At the end of the 3rd km, the sash will be passed to the next runner within 40metres of transition distance. Months ago, I got 2 friends who never run to participate together, just for the fun of it. And contacted 2 other seasonal runners to complete the team. LOL.

Upon arriving in Putrajaya, apart from the fact that it looked like an aftermath with unmanned canopies and numerous tents all over the place, it wasn't really an exciting event initially. What's more, the emcee was announcing the directions wrongly and even I was confused. After the glitch, when all the runners were sent to their respective station, we were all waiting for the start off.

See, this run was held in conjunction of the youths. So naturally, there would be a LOT of youths, or perhaps, teenagers. =.=" And that makes the adult category like, kinda small compared to the juniors'. Men's Open started at 0810 when the sun wasn't just up above your head, but the heat could definitely be felt. So I passed my sash to the 2nd runner in about 25 minutes, and him to the third in about the same time and so did the third to the fourth. But I thought the last two runners were like super fast. They completed 6km in 25 minutes, like, twice our speed! LMAO. They said it's too hot to run slowly.

The fun thing about this run, I suppose lies on the fact that it's a relay run, and you get to run with your friends and complete the run together and what nots. And after the run, you get to sit down and camwhore a bit and bitch about all the lousy people in the runs and stuff like that. It gets really exciting, especially since all your adrenaline is elevated and you were all hyped after a run.

So anyways, after collected our finisher medal and certificate, and camwhored, we left the place. Too hot to sit under the sun. Though we did enjoy the hanging out in front of the Palace of Justice (erm... Justice really serves here?), where the floors were made of marble and the shades made it even cooler, we decided that it was better off at some Dim Sum place in Puchong. LOL.

And there we have it, a virgin running event for 2 team-mates; and an addition onto the medals collection for the rest. It's made of glass!!!! Awesome preettyyyyy...

Now now, who wants another relay? :D

I came across the Pacesetter's Anniversary Run, but each runner were to run 10km. LOL! And a lady is needed in the team! Boo-hoo... Me know no lady runner friends.

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Robinn T said...

me me me!!!!!!! i love the medal!!! but metalic ones much more durable~

Gratitude said...

Like a virgin..... but I've been touched so many times :P

Jason said...

i would like to contest the line "And contacted 2 other seasonal runners to complete the team." should be "And contacted 2 other amateur runners to complete the team." :p bluek!!

Small Kucing said...

where is the medal?

[SK] said...

oh, a glass medal!! that looks nice and something special to have right??