Sunday, February 14, 2010

On Skipping Spring Cleaning

I guess it's to do with this year's CNY being on Sunday that the med school decided to have one week break for the following week instead. SO, having said that, we had our class up till the Friday before the CNY weekend. And having that, all of us only leave for hometown on Friday onwards, some of them even on CNY eve! Pity not?

So I was chatting with one of my friends from secondary school whom I haven't been meeting for yeaaaarsss...

Ben: Yo! Back?
Nope, still in KL.

: When coming back?

Friday night.

So late? Wanna skip house cleaning is it?

T.T Got heart to say like that summore. If I got choice also, I think I'll stay till Eve also. HAHAHAHHAHAHA.)

Me: No lah. Still got class mar. Friday exam summore.
Wah, so pity? Got exam so near CNY summore. Otherwise can opt to skip class.

Cannot. I'm very obedient one. One more year getting married to the job, so now gotta very hardworking go dating lor.

Haha. You got your point there.

Abuthen?! Exam lar! How to skip?! LOL.

Am taking the evening flight on Friday, touched down after 9pm. And the next thing that came into my mind was, whoa, I was in KL sitting for exam this morning and I'm here now. LOL.

Happy CNY everyone! Have a nice holiday!

3 Jujus:

Ken Wooi said...

when i was in uni, i always go back on friday, or saturday too.. got class ma.. =)

CH Voon said...

wo... where is ur hometown?

manglish said...

happy cny....dun get high..hhahahha