Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the Severed Hand

I woke up one morning, but still lazing around in bed, semi-conscious. Somehow the rapid eye movement sleep didn't end just like that, and I was still half dreaming, only that it's not exactly progressing, because the same scene repeated over and over by itself. But then again, I was quite sure I was the one who controlled the story.

And I chose to replay the last scene because I wanted to see the severed hand clearly.

The story was, one of my friends shook me and asked me to wake up and leave the bed, because there was a hand poking out at the side of the bed.

But because I was replaying the whole scene in my mind, it seemed like I was actually looking for the reason why there was a severed hand.

Then I recalled I lifted the pillow up to see just half of a hand, which appeared to be freshly cut off from someone. But after that I put the pillow back.

And the friend who was waking me up tried to pull me away, but it seemed like I didn't know it was a detached hand, I lifted the pillow to see who's underneath the pillow again. But I saw the severed arm instead.

The same 'hallucination' that I had, repeated for a few times before I finally dragged myself from that psycho part of me in the semi-conscious state.

5 Jujus:

Pete said...

Arrrr, severed hand....just like halloween decorations! Real one ah?

Reanaclaire said...

gosh.. what.. the ...
whose hand is that?
u dreamt of it?
ok, change subject.. going back for cny??

Gratitude said...

The 1st pic kinda reminded me of the pork leg i saw at the market, minus the fingers la.

CH Voon said...

wah... this is bit digusting hand...

eeee..... feel want to vomit liao... (after effect of last night drink a lot)

Medie007 said...

Pete, yeaps just like halloween. hehehehehehehe. no lah those pics are fake. the dreams also fake. :P

reanaclaire, dunno whose wor, i just get from internet. hehehehehehehe. going back on friday ony. T.T

gratitude, pork leg? hahahahhahahaha. i eat more beef nowadays. ampun Kuan Yin, beribu-ribu ampun.

CH Voon, hehehehehe. vomit la. feels better after everything come out. :P