Thursday, February 18, 2010

On the Saved Shit

We have a weighing machine at home, just to monitor our weights from time to time.

So anyways, 3 days after I was back at home, with all those scrumptious meals and non-stopping flow of tit bits, it's no wonder that we gain weight quite easily. On night after a whole day of visiting, with a bloated tummy, I decided to stand on that weighing machine, lo and behold... 3kg of increment.

Me: I increase 3kg jor in just one day!

Mummy: Don't bluff lah!

Me: Am not! I weighed this morning and now, the difference are 3 kg extra!

Mummy: How can so fast one? You didn't clear your bowel is it?

Me: Past 3 days no lar. I think I'm constipated.

Mummy: No wonder lah. You have 3kg of shit saved inside your bowels.


Could that even be possible?

10 Jujus:

[SK] said...

hmmm, possible i think!! but maybe 1.5kg of shit, and another 1.5kg of fats gained~~ :p

the happy go lucky one said...

i gained 1.5-2kg in 5 days, not shit but fat!

Little Dove said...

You should know better than your mom. Anatomy and physiology! Lol

CH Voon said...


to prove this is true... very simple!
i suggest before go to toilet to clear all the shit... weight it again recorded down...

after finish make business, measure again... if the weight reduce 3kg... mean the shit is 3kg else... it is fat gained!

manglish said...

of course doctor.....but i dont want to go anywhere near you when you finally unload hahahahah 3 days without unloading? are so full of shits ahahhaha need a plumber?

carpe diem said...

How do you smell now? Can't be all 3kgs of it. Burp...;)

Paul Figaro J said...


William said...

Ask your family doctor! :P

Medie007 said...

SK,hahaha i'd rather it be 3kg fat lor. at least not so constipated. wakakkakaka.

happy, wah, not bad leh. must add more oil. gain one more kg in one more day, then can sit together with me jor. :P

little dove, apparently anatomy and physiology were loooooooong gone... T.T

Medie007 said...

CH Voon, yahor, very scientific experiment. should try it out... just that, i think failed jor, cuz i went pangsai without measuring just now. hahahahhahaahhaha

manglish, you're also shit-ey lar... if not FULL full, maybe full, or half full lor. kakakakkakaka. no thanks, don't need a plumber, am a handyman. hahahaha

carpediem, i shower everyday! 3 times daily! come smell me! WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKKAKAKA

Paul J, why? disgusted ah? :P

william, my family doctor ah? so mafan... he lives so far away.