Sunday, February 07, 2010

On the Franchised Beef Noodle

Pho Hoa.

Apparently, the place that I've been addicted to lately, is non other than the international beef noodle franchise. There are a few branches around in PJ as far as I'm concerned. Other than the one in Tropicana City Mall, the one where I'd be seen mostly frequenting would be the branch in The Curve. Pretty secluded, but just nice. I like 'em not crowded.

I suppose I've been to the shop more than enough to try out everything on the menu, but then again, it would always be beef noodle and not the others like rice or what nots. After all, it is a beef noodle shop right? And whatever you wanna say, I've only so far ordered that ONE bowl of soupy beef noodle every time that I'm at the shop. J1 was the code. Whatever it was.

Well, partly also because the menu comes with some Vietnamese which, well, I barely understood. And also partly because I thought it's super nice! But of course, you could always try out the other stuff on the menu. ;)

I'm not exactly that all adventurous nowadays after I'm back in PJ. So all the food outlets that I go to would mostly be located in a shopping mall. Pho Hoa comes in reasonable price without affecting the quality of the taste, how would I not be in love with it?

So, I don't think I should give any ratings. My rates would most probably be biased anyways. LOL.

Now, if you're looking for a decent beef noodle in the city, I'd suggest you pay this shop a visit. ;)

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the happy go lucky one said...

my fren also recommended this restaurant to me the other day, but too bad i dont take beef, so cant try it out :)

@murn@ said...


manglish said...

yeah i agree, quite authentic, i forgot if they sell fried spring roll or not, but it is my fav dish

Gratitude said...

love those fresh rolls with lotsa basil leaves. :)