Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On Seeing the School Teacher

I don't want to boast. Really. But I was remembered in my school, or at least one of the teachers, because I was outstanding. *ahem*

I bumped into one of the teachers in my secondary school not long ago. I remembered her, somehow, because she's one of the teacher in the school, but I knew for sure she never taught me before. Apparently, she remembered me too, somehow, despite I wasn't taught by her, because I was outstanding. *ahem* According to her.

See, I was a debater when I was in secondary school. I represented the school in quite a few competitions before. Although when I was in the team, we never really won anything grand, but at least we managed to make it to the finals of the regional level when I was in form 4. Otherwise, I thought it was a shame that I never managed to help the school in retaining the champion in the parliamentary style debates.

But then again, it's pretty comforting to know that she remembered me. I was the 3rd debater I remember, the one who rounds up everything and do the last defense and replies. Pretty stressful if you ask me now.

When she first saw me, her comment was, "Medie! Wow... You're slimmer and more macho now. More manly already!"

I could only let out a chuckle.
"So, are you still debating?"
I let out a sigh, "Nope, too bad. I'm retired." Hahaha

But I guess it was worth mentioning that I was in the school's Malay debate team. I was thought that I was a mix of Chinese and native because the ever special name, and perhaps the facial features as well. LOL.

However, I guess I must've stopped speaking in Malay for over 4 years by now. Was really struggling trying to look for those Malay vocabs when I was talking to the head of Malay department.

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haha... u give up debating and go for the shrimps :P

[SK] said...

haha, maybe you've eaten too many shrimps till you can't debate anymore?? :p

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


3rd speaker is always the best lah..!

the happy go lucky one said...

wowww... salute u man, i cant even talk on the stage, not to mention debate!

Medie007 said...

L2, yea yea.... -.-"

SK, i didn't recall shrimp will affect the command of speech pun? :P

calvin, just some common facts that i ate a lot of shrimps.

Medie007 said...

Muhammad Afif, hahahahahha. yalor yalor! i also thought so! hahahhahahahaha

happy, aiya, now cannot dy... old liao. :P

nicky05 said...

what has to do with shrimps lo??...XD

deeperanddeeper said...

remind me never to argue with you since you pandai debate... dun want to waste my breath! :p

Medie007 said...

nicky, no idea too. LMAO

deeper, eh, i not so ganaz one lah. ish. -.-"

foongpc said...

Wow! Didn't know you are a good debater.

I am not sure you are boasting about your amazing debating skills or your slimmer and more macho image. haha! Juz kidding : )

Reanaclaire said... only i know u r good in malay language too.. geng!

Paul Figaro J said...

you should have answer "no i already stop debate, coz now i'm busy with bitching." hahahaa...

CH Voon said...

Geng x 3
Woo… you are really outstanding student!
Good to know that : )