Sunday, September 08, 2013

On the Eventual Death of the Blog

This is miserable.

Gosh why is the alignment all gone?!

But hey, I could do this blog again whenever I'm on call!

Gah, I'm not even half the trip in Europe...

I have so many things to share with all...

But this blog started out a diary.

This is miserable.

Should I just stop writing?

Maybe I'll just stop the travel thingy.

I want to announce to the world how happy I am!

But it's not in sync with Europe travel.

Oh please, it's a bloody blog.

This is miserable.

The eventual death of Medielicious the blog.
Should I do CPR?
Or should it be DNR?

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Small Kucing said...


Twilight Man said...

You should mix & match your posts with other topics otherwise some would have phobia of Europe. Can you make them more exciting to read? Blog more photos at one go....

Usually readers are busy body and like to know your lifestyle.

TZ said...

Someone call 911... we have an emergency here. Oops~ what am i saying?...

LoL @ Twilight Man. I think you one of those readers eh~ *wink wink*

Twilight Man said...

TZ - CB as usual.