Friday, April 26, 2013

On the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre

Was retracing my steps the next day back to Krakow Glowny Railway station to get a reservation for an overnight train the next day. As it was dark when I arrived in Krakow the day before, the town looked totally different in a brighter shade.

For instance, there's this amazingly beautiful building not far from the train station. After scouting in the guide book, I found out that it was a theatre! And there was actually guided tours to the theater (which I obviously hadn't joined because it cost quite a sum.)

The rooftop is quite a sight with numerous statues and carvings for a start. And amazingly, according to *ahem* the online encyclopedia, the building wasn't destroyed during the WWII. (In fact, much of Krakow was still in their original state and survived the war.)

By the way, one would have to pass through a park to get to the old down. It's still relatively near however, making it quite an easy stop for many travelers by train.

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MiChi said...

beautiful and quiet.... !

Small Kucing said...

lovely shots