Wednesday, March 06, 2013

On Mummy's Birthday Dinner

Sis was expecting some lavish dinner in conjunction with Mum's birthday considering I was the only child out of all 3 siblings who already started working. But while we were in Singapore, and with the high conversion rate, lavish dinner was just... practically unpractical. So after going to the 'top of the world' at 1-ALtitude, according to Mum, we came down to the Old Market Place "Lau Pat Sat" for her birthday dinner.

It would probably be an anti-climax for many if  one would be expecting meals at Fullerton Hotel or the bars by the bay or something. But for someone who grew up in the village and lived moderately in rented quarters for half our lives, ikan bakar and fried eggs with the loved ones would already be sufficient. Mum and Dad were both full to the brim. We even had this idea that we actually eat until we are full rather than going for taste...

And there was a band! I'd say the one at the street in the Curve was nicer though. :P

But I was glad I could finally do something to celebrate Mum's birthday.

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Twilight Man said...

Happy Birthday Mamma Bong Dearest! I am sure she enjoyed herself and cried silently! It is the thought that counts!