Thursday, March 07, 2013

On the 'Lavish' Dinner in Clarke Quay

The following night, we headed down to the Singapore River where all the restaurants are - Clarke Quay. Mum and Dad are not fans of western food nor Mexican or Mediterrenean... And Dad being one who probably have IBS, always prefer 'dai chao'; while we couldn't find any of such in Clarke Quay, we ended up at a Thai restaurant.

 And the bill came out to be indeed, as lavish as a proper 10 course meal in Kuching after conversion; with half the fullness here of course. LOL. Yup, we had one pint of Bicardi-Coke to go around amongst us. Didn't know it was like a 'new' drink in Singapore when the brotherhood and I had already had like... Hmmm at least a dozens in Bangkok. LOL

Post dinner, we were walking around in the area, which was introduced to us by the taxi driver as one of the night-life area. I've heard of Clarke Quay being the place to go to club at and get drunk at. But little did I know it was THAT happening. Pardon me, perhaps life as a HO for a while have kept me away from the bars and the clubs. So I was pretty excited for a while. Had it not for the fact that I was there with Mum and Dad, I might have perhaps hopped onto one of those stools in the bars already.

It was still a bit young after Clarke Quay, so we walked along the river downstream and reached Boat Quay nearer to the financial district, where the bar scene was less loud. Great place to hang out. Cooler, and quieter. Sat by one of those restaurants that would slit your throat if you fall into their trap of ordering prawn/crab, and ordered a plate of Fried-Kway-Teow to share...

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Twilight Man said...

I love going to Clarke Quay! Very happening and class with nice crowd.