Thursday, February 21, 2013

On Coming to Term with Age

While we were at the temple, someone called out my name. I turned around to see an old friend from college 6 years ago! After a brief update, we exchanged numbers and parted ways.

Fast forward to 2 days later, I was seated in a coffeeshop with 3 other dudes from college, of which one later on went on to by my coursemate in university as well. It felt good alright, catching up on the latest buzz amongst ourselves and gossips of the mutual friends who were not present...

Time passes by very fast. It felt like only a while ago when we were all 'imprisoned' in this college for pre-u courses, and I was desperately struggling to score a full score. And without realizing, everyone's working now. One of them go on to run family business while the other preparing for a proposal; and apparently there was this other acquaintance of mine and friend of theirs who already has a kid.

I felt weird and uneasy. Somehow.

I mean, I pretty much feels as though I'm still a kid. More so when the sister is not dating as well. And me coming home to my old folks' place; rather than my own place. And dating is like the things adults do. And our nuclear family of 5 remained the same, still us: Dad, mum, sis, bro and myself. No more, no less. Nothing has changed, except that I've started working, and Sis's finished her study and bro is in uni. But nothing seemed to have changed.

Okay, yes, it's the dating part. For some reason, I've never come to term that I'm at this ripe age of 26 and should be going out dating somebody, cuz for all you and I know, it's just 4 years down the road that the big 3 hit. I know it's common to have men settling down for a family after the big 3, some even approaching the big 4... But I thought it's quite a big figure, my age; and I should really grow up.

I should start planning for my future, what I want to do 10 years down the line. Where I want to settle down. What I should do if I retire. And such.

And it doesn't help that over the past 2 weeks I saw updates on Facebook that a few friends, or acquaintances rather, from secondary school who ended up married with another school-mate/class-mate. The time where many 'pat-kua aunties' would go eyes wide opened "OMG! Really? Him and her?!" reaction.

So yeah. I guess I'm pretty much having this crisis with my age. At 26.

Thank God though, I guess I'm not that all depressed yet.

But on another note, do you realize Medielicious has come a loooooooooooong way? From 2nd year all the way till now, that's like... 5 years worth of crap! LOL

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Small Kucing said...

time flies

TZ said...

hahaha... Medielicious is not alone, 5 Elements of my life also going to hit 5 years :p