Wednesday, December 05, 2012

On Trailing Beijing #04: Forbidden City

And finally we were here. The Forbidden City. One of the most magnificent royal Palace in the world. Like, seriously in the whole wide world. How the Chinese designed the palace I have no idea. But walking through the main gate into the first lawn had already took my breath away. It was just like in the movie! Oh so awesome. It IS HUGE!!!!

I'm finally here! Woohoo!

Okay I know I sound retarded. LOL.

We got ourselves the automatic audio guide which worked based on some sensor thing, that it will automatically turn on and start explaining the stuff around as you walk towards a certain point. Quite impressive. But pretty retarded as well at times.

But honestly, if you were ever to visit Beijing, one full day in this Museum is not even enough. Trust me. We went in at the opening time, and came out at the closing time. And we still walked through a lot of the exhibitions inside. No wonder the Prince and Princesses didn't get bored playing inside the palace their whole life. LOL.

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