Wednesday, November 07, 2012

On Beijing in Photos #02 - MAGIC TEAPOT!

So we were staying just outside of the Palace *ahem* Well, like within 500 away from the main gate. From what we gathered, the Emperor used to sneak out to this area looking for *ahem* magical things. After all, life in the palace, is like living on stage. Every single thing you do is being monitored. Sleeping. Showering. Wearing clothes. Peeing. Shitting. Having sex. *ahem* Yea, if you get what I mean. Even all those very very private stuff you do.

So I geddit. Really. It's super fun to sneak out of the palace you see...

For lo and behold, outside the gates of the palace, there's this magical teapot.


LMAO. Nope, there's no hidden rods at the back of the teapot holding it that way as if it's floating in the air. It just is. And it's pouring 'water' continuously.

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Gratitude said...

I would prolly get the urge to pee if i were there watching the pot spurting! lol