Sunday, November 04, 2012

On Beijing in Photos #01

So yes... I'm in Beijing peeps! Well at least or so I thought I am.

Funny how back in Malaysia, we seldom watch movies from China filmed in Beijing itself. Perhaps it was because most, if not more than half, of the movie filmed locally actually carried the theme of communism. For those who had been here, you would know what I mean when I say there's a huge portrait of Chairman Mao on the gate of Forbidden City.

But then again, how could one not love the 'Hutong's! It's owh sooooo lovely!

I better come up with some cheesy story and get it filmed here. Perhaps something controversial. 2 young men fallen into some forbidden relationships and ended not only with despair, but one had his life taken. Hmmm... Now now... why does that sound Brokeback-Mountain-ish? Oh wait. It is.

Photo #1 - taken in one of the alleys in Northwestern Beijing.

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doc said...

old brick houses but got air-con, huh?