Friday, September 21, 2012

On Revisiting Phuket (1)

Tralalala.... Okay. It was a trip made back in June actually. But am only coming around to blog about it now. It's still pretty much fresh, just like yesterday. But if anyone who knew me would know  by now... Thailand = B---E. LOL

But noooo. After we touched down that morning, we actually went hiking.

Bangpae Falls. You know or not?

It's almost like man-made. Though I think there was all these information boards around which I didn't bother to read.

Then we went to the peak to see the city of Phuket....

And then we had lunch in the town center which was oh-so-beauuutiful.

Lunch was of this pork-ball noodles in the town center. Recommended by the tourism board apparently. And it was nice indeed.

We headed to Wat Chalong, the biggest temple in Phuket. Somehow, I thought it's like those Moscow-y thingy. The Kremlin, if you know what I mean. Perhaps that's why it was so special...

Like many other Wats in Thailand, there was the main prayer hall, and the pagoda...

Which houses the relic.

Finally, we made a pit stop on top of the Big Buddha.

Made of marble tiles.

Tell me what was your first impression when you see this?

But hell no, God forbids. I thought it was a pile of... something... from the rear. O-mi-to-fu.

And so. That was the end of part one. 

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