Monday, September 24, 2012

On the First Evening in Phuket (2)

Revisiting Phuket Part 2. Yay.

After coming back from the Big Buddha, we headed back to the room for some rest before walking to Patong Beach.

It was low tide then. So the reflection on the beach itself was superb.

Which, I supposed was why, the beach was so crowded!

But fret not. It's okay... I still managed to take a handful of awesome photo. Che-wahh. LOL.

After the sun set, we head to Hard Rock Cafe for some carbo- loading...

Load the tummy with some fat and protein...






To put it short, it was an alcoholic's heaven. Haha.

A great eye opening experience really. Bars were just next to each other! Like, the entire street! Neon lights. Music. Girls. Ooops. LOL.

And so we head back a bit tipsy that first night. Tee-hee...

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