Monday, September 17, 2012

On Getting Lost with Harry Potter

Just kidding.

So there was this piece of horse in Marina, which was actually the one where Ron rode on in the first installment of Harry Potter, where they were going through some challenges to get to the socerer's stone or something.

Harry Potter's production crew actually went down South and get their clothes displayed to the public inside the Art Science Musuem. So yeah. Now you know the main reason I was there.

I'm not a die hard fan of Harry Potter. But I guess I know quite a fair share of the movie and the non-existent wizard and witchcraft. So while I paid to get into the exhibition, my main aim was actually to get something for the Brother.

There was this flying muggle car at the entrance to the exhibition.

And we were fast greeted by the train to Hogwarts. Funny though, there was no platform 3-3/4. LOL. But anyway, the displays in the museum was exactly what we see in the movie itself. What the characters wore. What Hermoine wore to the ball. What Harry wore on his first day to the school. What Ron got from his mother. What Draco wore while he went on Quidditch... And all those of the Professors... Dumbledore's and McGonogal's were awesome. But of course... I love the dementors the most. Gosh they were so real!

Of course I know they were just some broken clothes hanging under a fan or something. But they did look pretty real. And it was spooky.

At the end of the trail, we came to the gift shop. The wands of each and every characters in the movie were sold at near to 20SGD, I think. And there were some fake coins. And clothes. And the badges...

But I found what I was there for. I know it's stupid of me. But oh well... Made it China so be it.

I figured the Brother might fancy something from the movie worn by his one-time teenage-girl idol.

And I figured he might need it in Prague.