Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On the Doctor's Treat

So I just touched down at the airport, and the whole family welcomed me at the airport. Funny how after one year I haven't seen the Bro, and when we met, we were so excited we wanted to hug each other but, well... it would be weird... So the Bro was like, "Whoaaa!" and double-tapped me on my arm. I was like... err... LOL! Well... He appeared smaller than I imagined. And his first comment about me was "How come you're so small now?!" LOL

We headed straight for dinner as I was post-call and none of us had any dinner, and the Sis had already booked a room in a restaurant under my name. @.@ As in... Dr. Medie.

But it was nice. As it, we get to have the whole room for ourselves not needing the Mum to sweat and cook and there were waitress serving us...

Other than the dinner for 8 served for just 5 of us, of which we barely finished half of most of the dish (which we did, of course took home later on), we had a bottle of wine! Chile. 2001. But a bit blant.

Just that. We bloody finished the whole bottle!

Dad poured himself like... 5? I had about 5. And the brother had 5. Mum had quite a share. Sis was having headache, so she just had one.

But what amazed me was...

We bloody finished one whole bottle of wine!

In case you were wondering... It cost 300RM. The dinner.

4 Jujus:

TZ said...

what dishes that cost you RM300?

Tempus said...

Dr Medie.

I should have a Dr too in 5 yrs' time! haha but that's more than the Dr to my future career anyway.

cpl said...

sounds like quite a feast. with wine! rm300 is well worth it!

TZ said...

@ tempus... are you aiming for Datuk seri Dr >.<