Monday, June 25, 2012

On the Sundown Marathon


My first ever international marathon! Well... Outside Malaysia that is. Signed up for Bangkok International Half Marathon last year which was postponed due to flood, but whether or not it would be held this year is still an uncertainty. Then again, I managed to get myself a medal from this one.

I mean, okay I know it's like, boring. And a lot of the Singaporeans or veteran runners alike were getting bored of the running events in Singapore; like, seriously, where else could the running even take place right? But for newbie like me, it's thrilling.

Rest assured, it's like... super expensive. Like... Very... crazily expensive.

Remind me again why did I stupidly signed up for a race that requires traveling and conversion? LOL

It was a good run alright. Traveling to the race venue was a breeze with the MRT.

And it was only then that I know there were near to 12,000 runners running 12km.

Yes I chickened this time, and do the shortest distance of all. Mainly coz I need to work and I haven't really been training and I haven't been running for a gazillion years.

So off we went, running for 10km. Managed to complete in 1 hr 7 min or something.

Then spent about an hour sitting near the race village in my smelly vest cooling down. There was actually some movie showing. But I didn't stay on till the next movie, X-men if I wasn't mistaken.

Perhaps... just perhaps... I might attempt another half marathon anytime this year round. Ooops, half of the year gone already.

2 Jujus:

TZ said...

I should have been to beat the sunrise... never mind I will target for next year.

Small Kucing said...

wow...10KM not easy