Saturday, June 23, 2012

On the Itch to Run

So of course, I was down South to collect the Sundown Marathon Running kit. And like any other running events, there were promotions of more running events at the collection kit centers. Apparently, Sundown Marathon is such a huge event that the race kit collection weekend, there was a RunBikeSwim expo; whereby running gels, running apparels were all sold at pretty reasonable, if not cheap, prices. But of course, I was there just to get my running vest...



Perhaps something more...

Registered for the Jurong Lake Run.


Cuz it runs through the Jurong Lake Garden. Something about the Chinese garden and what nots. And bloody these Singaporean salesperson were pretty sweet talkers.

So yeah. I spent about 50 dollars in this one.

And there was the Newton Run as well..

Which I didn't register for.

Mainly because my wallet was empty.


Then again, as to whether or not I will be really running I'm not quite sure! I was scheduled to work in the previous run that I registered for. So stay tuned to whatever happened to my inaugral Sundown Marathon experience!

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