Sunday, May 20, 2012

On the Natural beaches

So I met a Singaporean friend a while back. He was telling me that there was once when he and his girlfriend wanted to fly over to Kuching for the beaches. And he praised that Malaysia is actually a very beautiful country with all the nice beaches and all. Port Dickson for instance.

And I was like... Seriously? Port Dickson?

Friend: Of course! It's all natural you see. We don't have in Singapore.

Me: Siloso beach in Sentosa not bad too.

Friend: Bugger where got! That one man made one... Not natural at all. You ah... never appreciate what you all have...

Me: =.="

But Port Dickson ah?

I'd rather have the beaches in Terengganu. Or well, Langkawi is not bad.

Come to think of it, I guess he was true. We always took things fore-granted. Pity.

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[SK] said...

i was having the same reaction.. PORT DICKSON??????!!!?????