Tuesday, May 08, 2012

On the Labourer

So the first of May. Labour Day! Yay yay!

But the doctors would know that it's just another Tuesday. We still have to come to the hospital anyways.

Worse still, I'm on call!!!! OMG! I can so scold everyone. And it seemed that one of the nurses were so scared to approached me because I scolded her for not doing her job in informing the main team of the patient to see their new case in the morning and only inform them after office hour, that the team tell her to let the on call people review. I was like, WTF?! There's no way Imma do that! He's not my patient!

But I guess I was too nice and I get bullied all the time. So I scolded the nurse upside down and go see the patient in the end. LOL...

And I've got my name pasted on the wall of the nurse's station in all the wards I'm in charged of. Crazy man...

What a LABOUR day!

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Anonymous said...

Revenge was sweet? :P

ZT said...
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ZT said...

Medie, u!

Nurses a lot of times are overwhelmed with 有的没的 during working, some more the patient ratio to one nurse in GW is terribly high. To u, she did wrongly, but I think she will also feel bad for that incident.

Maybe u can tell her in a more professional way, because it is too bad that u treat ur colleagues in a bad manner. Mutual respect is very important,because u can't stand alone in treating and caring patients:)

Medie007 said...

Ya lo... I feel bad also after that. Haha