Sunday, May 06, 2012

Find Malaysia Property

So I was telling my mum about this someone I came across on Facebook. He's just 28 and he owns 2 properties already, with the plan of renting it out and live on rental for retirement. My mum was like, are you sure you can? With you meagre income, you could barely afford a car now. And your car too, was bought by daddy.

But then, I thought it wasn't impossible. I'm not gonna reveal my salary for sure. But I think with really stingy expenses I could maybe afford the down payment for a decent place in the valley like, after 3 years or so. So yeah... that's like a long wait. But I guess I have to make do for now.

And I came across an awesome website offering just the much needed information for Malaysia property. It has got pretty much everything you want to know of a particular piece of property in the valley. And it seems that Mont Kiara tops the list. The thing is... hmmm well of course that would be such an awesome place, with the class and the adress and all, it would definitely show a person's status. But so does the money.

Anyhoos, I'll just keep in view for now. That website is pretty awesome so to speak. I was checking out on a friend's property, and it seemed that his's condo has doubled the price since the past 2 years! Awesome! I shall start watching out for now and start dreaming of retiring as a landlord. HAHA.

Now who says my education would go into waste? I guess I could still do some simple maths. LOL

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