Saturday, April 28, 2012

On the Presents from the Family

Sis didn't know what to get for me for my birthday. While I insisted that there's no need for her to get anything for me, considering I'm the one working and she's not (yet), there's no need for her to splurge. But she's been well, old school. Gifts are must for birthday.

While I happily told her that I bought myself a compact camera last week, she said she'd pay me the price of the camera, so that she doesn't have to crack her head in what to get me.

I kept telling her there's no need to. It's good enough that she flew home to celebrate my birthday at home together with my parents. But she was just... stubborn.

So... I gave in.

And now you may wonder. Why would anyone who had been playing with SLR downgrade to a compact? I wonder myself too. LOL! But I kinda hate it that the compact was over-exposed at times. And the sunset photos didn't turn out as nice. Shall let you see in the coming days. I bought the compact to Malacca.

ps: The parents paid me the price of the camera, while sis paid me for the Hard Rock shirt. My gifts from the family. LOL.