Friday, April 27, 2012

On Being Santa...

Dad's birthday was just one week before mine... And Sis put the responsibility of getting gifts for him on me. And I was like, what am I supposed to get for him!? He's very particular about his shirt, his ties a closet-full, and he's already got watches and belt that we got him since a few years back. But... While Sis's busy with her thesis, and I'm the only kid with the income, I suppose the obligation is on me.

So I went to the mall one day when I had my off day. Walked around with the thought of getting him a Braun Buffel, but it was a pity that the brand doesn't come with a design that has a inner zipper pocket.

And I continued to walk until I came across a Crocs clearance and the next thing that came into mind was one for Mum. Remember the last time I went Crocs-frenzy? I didn't found any suitable size for mum, and she had to wear one size smaller. So I was determined to find one for her.

Whatsapp-ed the sister and she was asking Mum straight away. And after numerous photos sent and getting reply like Mum's the one doing the shopping, picking on the designs that she want, I finally settled with 2 pairs; to her surprise!

And little did I know that Dad was just around them, pouting, saying "How come only asking for Mummy's size?"...

So I went over to Croc's specialized store to get one for Dad. I didn't tell anyone, so I hope that would be a pleasant surprise when I show it to him.

But somehow, the thought of getting a Tee for him still lingered in. I wasn't actively searching. But I didn't manage to capture a photo or two and whatsapp-ed Sis. And she showed it to Dad! So... Dad was like, anticipating a Tee for his present.

Therefore... I had to get one, just so that he wouldn't be disappointed.

But of course, the idea of a wallet initially, instead of a Braun Buffel, it was a Picard. Yes, with a inner zipper.

I spent nearly 1k shopping for the family members. But I'm kinda pleased. I guess I finally understand what is meant by the true joy in giving. :D

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Small Kucing said...

mmm its sure fun to go shopping right ?

Danny said...

its sure feel good buying gifts for loves one kan?
good boy :)

LittleLamb said...

Good son.roje