Monday, April 16, 2012

On the Mat Rempit

If you came across this video via Google Search for [Keywords:] Mat Rempit, then yeah, it's a video of a few bastards racing, or rather riding, their bikes as fast as they could, at 2am on a Sunday night. Common phenomena seen over the weekends in Malaysia, especially Friday night and Saturday night, or eve of a Public holiday when these bastards do not need to wake up early in the morning. And they'd go into any roads that are flat, straight and empty. Which means, when they've got the road they'd pick the time, usually after midnight when all the other people are at home sleeping.

Video unedited, so everything is genuine. Recorded 25th December 2011.

So yeah, when we were supposed to sleep, we've got all these VROOOOOOMMMM BARATPATPAT sound coming from the road downstairs. Fucking uncivilized show-off bastards.

If I could I'd dig a hole in the middle of the road. Or place nails there. And that would definitely place this stretch of road off the list. After all, there's a hospital just down the road. If they were too unfortunate to die with all their limbs torn apart, it's their own stunts.

Note: Written under very bad irritation of the mind. Amen.

4 Jujus:

Danny said...

there's a few at my area too..
i always hope that their types ;p

[SK] said...

at first i thought Mat Rempit = locals, because Mat Salleh = foreigners.. hahahaha!!

TZ said...

Not that i bad hearted... but i think they should not live in this world to waste the earth resources.

Twilight Man said...

If any kena accident and get wheeled into the ward for you, please put a lot of salt into their bloody wounds! LOL

Better still, put them to sleep forever by injecting them with diesel!