Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On the Dramatic Reply

So now you know why I'm actually still blogging.

I might perhaps forgot everything I've studied in the past 5 years. But who'd know I might actually end up doing other stuffs next year. And I could hear some conservative consultants commenting "Yorrr... Young houseman nowadays, a bit of work and a bit of lack of sleep and a bit of torture already want to complain." Erm... Yeah.... Okay... Whatever.

Like I'd say. It's not easy to get into medical school (not referring to the *ahem* private schools). But it's even harder for me to graduate. So I'm taking my time off, 'aye! And thou shall not pass any nasty remarks.

Though if you do, erm, nothing's gonna happen anyways. LOL.

Letters went out on 30th of December 2011; when the reporting to induction was on 27th. And... the whole family were still in Singapore. Funny though, I never actually returned a signed copy of me accepting the offer back then (just yet), in the hope that the letter calling for induction wouldn't arrive. But it did. Guess Mum was right. They'd call you in no matter what. Oh, did I mentioned the government office actually CALLED me when I was in Thailand? @.@ It was so shocking that I thought they're going to take legal actions because I didn't returned a signed copy of the offer letter!

But now that it was done, I haven't heard a single sound from them since.

Mixed feeling whether I should return.

ps: clearly this was a backdated post. meh. 2 month old HO... and i feel like i've worked for eons... i'm drained to the bones.

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