Monday, April 30, 2012

On the Dinner in Pullman

So the son who started work for 2 months came home and wanted to treat his family to some good dinner. The initial plan of getting the uncle's family to join sort of didn't materialize as uncle was pretty uneasy, giving all sorts of lame excuse; we speculate his wife didn't allow him to join as she's away on a course. HAH!

So with that, there were only 4 of us. So I had the idea of bringing them to somewhere more expensive, as I wouldn't be paying for 8 pax; and that budget might as well go to something more dear.

That was how we were going around in downtown, cracking my mind on which was nice; until we saw some banner bearing the promotions for Mother's Day. Rang Dad up and asked if he knows which hotel is compatible, considering he had had quite some experience from his previous conferences and what nots.

So we ended up looking at a few notable hotels in Riverside area. Dad favored the food in Merdeka Palace, but much to my disappointment there was no Chinese dining. Mum's not a fan of western meal.

When dinner time came, we headed to the new latest high class hotel in downtown - Pullman Resort & Spa, and asked for a table in Nu Er Hong.

Service was superb - got a shock when the waitress asked Mum to place her hand bag on a special stand instead of her own chair. LOL. Ordered 4 dishes, and did some mental calculations in my mind not to exceed my own budget. I mean, well... 300 bucks would be quite a high limit for just 4 of us right?

So the first dish arrived. Chicken in plum sauce or something, with almonds and something... Almonds-embedded fried chicken fillet was nice, but the sauce tasted weird. Sour plum. Not for Mum and Dad as they could not take sour stuff.

Second dish was their beancurd with some Dayak brinjal. It was nice, but the brinjal was sour-ish too. :(

Third was fish fillet in sweet sour sauce; again, much too spicy for Mum's tummy. So I had been picking out all those which haven't been 'polluted' with the sour sauce.

The fourth dish was brocolli with some Japanese-name mushroom in abalone essence. I asked Dad to lick the sauce. LOL.

But all in all, it was quite worth it. I mean, we did pay for the ambience and service. Tea was always full. And the comfort and all. Although the dishes were not really satisfying, I thought they were alright.

All in all, I paid 114 bucks. :D

3 Jujus:

[SK] said...

i would expect a little more on the dishes, but they just look so homely not so classy restaurant~~ :p

Small Kucing said...

Yes terung dayak is suppose to be sourish. That is what so special about it.

doc said...

sounds reasonable since it's at a 5* hotel. your parents would have appreciated your generous gesture.