Monday, April 02, 2012

On Blood Taking

Went for screening of infectious disease earlier. And a registered nurse came to draw my blood.

I expect she'd not have any problem finding my veins in my arm. I know I used to have really fine veins but after I started running and all, I myself could feel them, so it shouldn't be difficult. What caught me by surprise was, even though she found it, and it was pretty easy to get the needle head into the vein, blood just wouldn't come out! Therefore, she apologized and we did a second attempt.

Second attempt was more successful, we managed to see the blood flowing into the syringe. But it was odd that it looked thick. And it was flowing out so slowly. So when we had enough, and when she needed to put it into the test tube, the whole syringe sort of frozen. My blood was clotted!

Seriously?! CLOTTED?

I have never withdrew any blood that clot before I manage to put them into a test tube (although previously I had the blood straight into the bottle using another method of drawing blood). It was just plain odd! Super weird!

And I started to worry. I have hypercoagulable blood. I'm at risk of getting deep vein thrombosis? Or even heart attack! And and... STROKE!!!

Nurse reassured me and asked me not to think too much. But I did. Thoughts of the causes and complications ran through my mind... It's hard not to worry. :S

Had a final attempt on my right arm, and finally we had a bottle of blood for the test.

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Tempus said...

have been taking too many eggs have we? mine is opposite, the bloog spills like a broken pipe

[SK] said...

oh, that is scary, too thick to flow smoothly and clotted just in minutes?? too much "lard" inside?? eat less prawns lah~~

reanaclaire said...

Too much good food! But u often exercise, right? Anyway, you should know better.. :) Take care!

ZT said...

Mine also clotted for my first ever blood taking in Sg (for my preschool health screening)and the nurse called me back a few days later to back to the clinic to take blood again.

Probably she should directly collect your blood via vacutainer, and quickly mix it with the anticoagulants inside the tubes:)

Small Kucing said...

ouch...mus have been painful

Danny said...

ever heard of cold blooded ? ;p
err. not sure what is happening.. but take care la :)