Tuesday, March 06, 2012

On Segi College Students Obstructing Traffic Flow

Sis's place is located near to the Segi College Kota Damansara campus. So naturally there are a lot of students around. But having that campus there doesn't make that place a university township like Kampar or something. It is after all, quite already a populated residential area with Damansara Mutiara down the road, and there's Tropicana off the main road, and Sg Buloh further down the road...

And if you know the area, there is also a Sri KDU school next to Segi College. And traffic in the early morning during schooling period are heavy, when parents drop off their kids. Or when they finish school.

But that apart, what trouble me most was how the college students park their cars.

I was a college student before too. So I understand that sometimes, more often than not, we don't get to park in a proper safe parking lot.

BUT... It just ain't right to park the car by the main road and clogging up the road.

More so when you're parking right at the junction and obstruct the driver's view!

I can't bloody see the coming car when there was this stupid college kid parking there! Grrrr!

Therefore, I don't care how you college kids are gonna solve this problem. Just don't bloody park by the entrace or exit of a junction! And drive properly, not pressing on the brakes suddenly!

Absent minded kids. Rich people. No wonder our education system is going down the drain.

3 Jujus:

Small Kucing said...

baru dapat licence mah

[SK] said...

still peanuts comparing to TARC college obstructing traffic and human flow~~ :D

Twilight Man said...

Wah Doktor Garang sudah marah!!!!