Sunday, March 04, 2012

On the JUICE Magazine

Being unemployed is the best thing ever! So I was out looking at where are the partying places in the valley and all. And spending time doing nothing at Starbucks while everyone else is working was exactly what I've been doing. My dad's gonna kill me if he found out I've been opening the tap for all the pocket money he gave me. LOL!

So I came across JUICE magazine.

And I know nawt' about what the street culture. =.=" And seriously, they're not kidding when they claim themselves to be THE street culture magazine in Malaysia. Whatever published was straight to the point with words like "shit" chucked in here and there, and they've got like, no qualms about calling you stupid. Figuratively speaking.

I think I like "Expat" more. LMAO!

4 Jujus:

[SK] said...

i prefer gossip mags, haha!!

ZT said...

Enjoy your unemployed moment now, when u r employed, u will sure busy like mad:)

foongpc said...

Oh you are unemployed? Enjoy it while it lasts : )

Twilight Man said...

How much you wanna pay to shut my mouth or else I will blurt out to your dad???????