Thursday, February 16, 2012

On the Unexpected Knowledge on King Prajadhipok

Thailand's Monarch is actually pretty interesting. In fact, very interesting. I'm not sure about you, but sometimes I find history very intriguing.

So we were leaving Wat Saket and were going to cross the road and head further up North towards the Vimanmek Mansion which was, about say, 5km away. But just as we crossed the road, we came across a Museum.

King Prajadhipok Museum. The 7th King of the Chakri Monarch

I never read anything about the modern history of Thailand before I visit the country. I tried to read a bit about the time flow, from the Lanna Kingdom in the North to the Royal Family today. But further details about the individual Kings, I have no idea... So it was indeed very informative that, I came to know King Prajadhipok was last absolute monarch and the first constitutional monarch of the country.

After much political unrest, he finally announced his abdication in March 1935 with a brief statement:

I am willing to surrender the powers I formerly exercised to the people as a whole, but I am not willing to turn them over to any individual or any group to use in an autocratic manner without heeding the voice of the people.
And 'retired' in England.

And and and... I have not read up on the King before this current King.


My point being, it can be pretty dramatic at times. I wonder if there'd be any producer bringing the coup and revolutions onto the silver screen. Hmmm...

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Small Kucing said...

make a movie of that? hmmm...dont think i would watch

Gratitude said...

You prolly know more about the Thais than the Malaysian ones.

Medie007 said...

small kucing, haha why not? maybe it's something like Anna and the King...

Grat, not really leh, i stopped reading.

foongpc said...

Never been to this place before!