Sunday, February 26, 2012

On the Transport before the Break of Dawn...

It was quite a difficult decision considering we were planning on cutting cost as well as saving time. But after much consideration, we decided to fly instead. For an extra couple hundreds, we saved 6 hours on the road; as the sleeper train were all sold out, so that left us to only travel in the day. So we got an early flight.

After a few rounds of alcohol the night before, we left Bangkok after 2 days. Booked a transfer with a tour company that we came across while we were doing our walking the day before. Didn't have enough sleep for sure. Went to sleep at 2am. Woke up 2 hours later. Rushed through the packing and wend downstairs to check out. Some of the workers were still cleaning up! Clearly, Khao San Rd. is a lively street that goes well down into late night.

After about 15 minutes or so, our van finally arrived. We thought we'd be sitting in a taxi or something. But to my surprise, there were already a few caucasians inside the van. We were guided into the second row, and I'd expect perhaps a couple more in the first.

But boy was I wrong. The van did stopped by another guesthouse nearby to pick up 2 ladies. After that we stopped by another guest house for 3 more! All the other passengers inside the van were already gasping in horror as there were practically no more seats left! Of the last 3 who were to board the van, 2 of them had to sit in front next to the driver. So the co-driver had to leave. Perhaps all he had to do was just to check that everyone who booked the transfer would be picked up.

Oh well. We managed to arrive in the airport in time. And I did, have a proper seat. So with that price paid, I have no complains. Though it was a bit scary to sit in a moving vehicle that sped up to perhaps 200kmph! Or well, it seemed like it. LOL.

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