Monday, February 27, 2012

On Flying Bangkok Air

Why is it that Bangkok Air doesn't fly into KLIA? Ish. But meh. I know the next time round there'll be more chances of flying this boutique airline.

Wanna know what's the hype?



Call me suaku or kampung boy or whatever, but it's quite exciting to wake up so early in the morning and check out of the hotel at 4am to head to Suvarnabhumi Airport, and were led to Bangkok Airline's private lounge. Let's not forget they serve awesome breakfast. Not many variety, but the few were delicious enough I thought I had too much refills.

Found out later that this airline actually flew into all the heritage sites, i.e. Chiang Mai, Sukhothai, Siem Reap and Vientienne (I think). But anyways, its purpose was to connect all the historical trails in South East Asia, which is noble. And let's not forget the price are not too dear as well.

Now now... when should we fly into Siam Reap? LOL. Oh wait, I've been there! Nehmind, can go again.

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LittleLamb said...

wah..u flew business class?

[SK] said...

err, not flying to KLIA but LCCT??

Small Kucing said...


TZ said...

Now Bangkok Air fly KLIA to Koh Samui... So when will be your next trip?