Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On Mummy's Twisted Ankle

Was doing some spring cleaning 2 days before CNY eve when Sis called down from the ground floor.

Sis: Medie! Come let's go pick Mummy up from school. She fell!

Me: WHAT???

The first thing that ran into my mind was... Was it minor stroke?

So when we arrived at her school, I went into the office to see the condition of her left ankle. It was swollen, but there was no active bleeding or deformities. Pressed on her feet to see if there was any fractures; just to make sure it wasn't anything serious. But Dad asked us to get her to the General Hospital as they are government servant.

Waited at the Emergency dept from 4 till 6 before she got called in for an x-ray .

Then waited for another 2 hours or so, before she was called in for assessment and discharge.

Whatsapped the brother and got scolded by Mum because I was disturbing him all the way in Czech Republic.

But anyways, Thank God, Mum's twisted ankle recovered in 2 days, just in time for our Chinese New Year.

Happy Dragon Year everyone!
Not too late yet. LOL

5 Jujus:

[SK] said...

glad it's just minor and she's all ok now :)

Small Kucing said...

glad she is okay now

LittleLamb said...

eh i thought u r doctor..still need go ER ar...tsk tsk

Medie007 said...

Little Lamb, mama wants sick leave.

TZ said...

The dragon goodies looks familiar :p