Monday, January 30, 2012

On the CNY Decorations

Didn't join the secondary school mates in their group visiting this year. Not sure how they function this year, all I remembered from last year was that they plan to visit those who can't join the troupe. But the thing is... I felt as though we've drifted apart. Or rather, I never put any efforts in maintaining this friendship with them. So yeah, blame me. Gotta applaud the class monitor who had never given up after more than half a decade.

They did, however, called me to see if I were free. But unfortunately, I was just about to head out to meet the cousin-in-law who I respect a lot.

So yeah. My friends didn't visit this year. Neither did my sis's. Nor my Dad's or my Mum's. Only the relatives.

But I thought Chinese New Year this year was pretty meaningful. Special. Longest too. LOL!

So. Before I tear down all the decorations, I welcome all of you to my house yah! MUAHAHAHA. Via my blog. So let me tell you about the decorations I put up this year.out the stuff I put up!

See the paper cutting at the back? Those are the ones I got from Penang!

And the red paper I stuck on the blinds? I have no idea what it was, it looked like what people paste on the door during weddings. But the printing on it was more of images of Spring. Looks very traditional alright. Got that from Malacca.

Like whoa. 2 decos from the UNESCO Historical Heritage in Malaysia. Hah!

There's also this poster that was given to us when I was having tea in Klang with Ant and TZ before the Chinese New Year. The shop got it from Fo Guang Shan Temple in Banting.

The lanterns were different because they were like, bought separately, as in during the CNY of different years in the past 3 years.

Same goes to the banners on the main door.

There's also this Chinese knots that I came across in the box. Have no idea where we got it from, but it was hung in the living room for years! And we didn't have the heart to throw it away.

By the way, I just wondered have you ever actually looked at the decorations of the houses that you visit?

5 Jujus:

Danny said...

the one that we got from jenjarom temple is different from urs.. :)
btw, can see how u really like cny, based on the decors horr? :)

[SK] said...

eih, still one more week before CNY really ends lah.. those deco can still be put up there for two more months!! haha.. :D

foongpc said...

WOw! So red!! And prosperous! Are you going to take them down after the CNY or just let them be for the whole year till the next CNY? : D

Medie007 said...

Danny, i think mine is older kut. got from the coffee shop.

sk, mama wanna clean up d.

foong, am taking hem down before the 15th day of new year

Small Kucing said...

wah ..very ANG everywhere ah :)