Sunday, January 15, 2012

On Moving to Thailand


Seriously. I'm considering it. Maybe take a year off from work or something, and go hitch-hiking. (Not gonna happen cuz I'm a coward). After this incident happened 2 years back, it happened again. Not once, but many times in Thailand.

For some reason, everybody conversed with me in Thai before I smiled back and said I don't understand.

There was this once when I was in the land of Smiles where I was walking towards the BTS station when this one pretty lady came and talked to me. I smiled back, trying to listen what she was talking about. After all, she was smiling at me from afar already. And she was speaking in Thai. In her hands, there was a file or something. I assume she was selling insurance or credit card or something. I smiled back and said, "Really sorry, I'm not Thai." And she looked surprised, but quickly held back herself and apologized.

That wasn't the only time. There were numerous times. I mean, I did learned some figures in Thai, so at least when you buy street food where the hawkers couldn't even converse in English, you know it means 50 baht when she said "ha-sip". But when they started to blable more... I just look back and smiled. LOL!

Maybe I was tanned from all the hiking in the city under the sun and all. Or maybe somewhere along in my family lineage, there was a Thai. Or maybe, I was adopted?! Gasps! LOL!

5 Jujus:

Vincent~ said...

lol, i don think one should move to one place just because he/she looks like the locals there. -____-

if so, i will in japan in no time zz

[SK] said...

good if you move to Thailand so I can have free accommodation, haha!!

Tempus said...

Thai la u thai

It's okay I was asked whether if I was a Japanese, Korean or Taiwanese before. So chillax.

Small Kucing said...

not a bad idea leh....I mean not moving to Thai lah but maybe just take time off and stay there a year or two.

Twilight Man said...

Goodness they have pre-cataract eyes to see you as a Thai.. LOL
You look like a North Korean to me with thick horny eye brows!