Monday, January 16, 2012

BKK: Massage in Wat Po

Walk along Patpong Street, and it's common that the Papasan and Mamasan would be coming and grabbing you and asking you... [In Thai slang] "Sir, ma-saage?"


And so we were actually walking along the outer wall of the Grand Palace following the map we have in hand, towards Wat Po. It was after all, just 4pm and sunset by the river would be too soon. And besides, since we were already in this area, might as well drop by the most famous massage school.

As we stepped into the temple compound, my first impression was that, it's a quiet temple. Perhaps due to the fact that it was already late in the afternoon. Many would probably be getting ready for dinner or something.

There were numerous chedis lining the outer part of the temple. I had no idea how the layout of the temple is like, so after I came out from one of the viharns, and entered into another, I started to get confused. I should have had a mental mapping of the temple to avoid getting lost. And I almost did.

The temple is actually very huge, being one of the most famous massage school in Thailand, it is also one of the major temples in the metropolis. The main chanting hall in the middle of the temple is surrounded by 4 smaller viharns at the side: North, East, South and West. There are galleries containing numerous Buddha statues connecting all the 4 smaller viharns. If you just walk along the galleries, you would have no idea which direction you are at. And you'd probably give up trying to figure out in your head. LOL.

But alas, after a post mortem, I finally understood the layout of the temple. Halelujah!

Now. Back to the main point in my title for this blog...

I duly regret that we didn't go for the massage in the temple.


Ps: Photolog of Wat Po here.

4 Jujus:

foongpc said...

What?! After reading the whole post, only know you didn't go for the massage?!!!

Twilight Man said...

Almost all temples in BKK offer massage services and many rolled out from Wat Po. They can charge as cheap as 70bahts for simple massage.

Small Kucing said...

Chehhh didnt go ahhh

Medie007 said...

lololol... didn'y go lor... regrets....