Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BKK: Reclining Buddha

Like I posted in my blog yesterday, Wat Po was so huge that I got lost inside the front part of the temple where the viharns and ubosot (main hall) is. I got confused with directions, although now that I think back about it, the sun sets in the West. Shadows are very good indicator. -.-"

Another main attraction of Wat Po is the Reclining Buddha.

As I was saying, I got lost and was circling the inner yard too much that, after 4 rounds, I gave up and asked one of the novices there.

But boy, was I glad that we decided not to forgo Wat Po.

The Reclining Buddha was so huge that... I am completely hold speechless.

We walked from the head towards the foot. And we were welcomed with 108 auspicious images carved with Mother of Pearl at the sole of the Reclining Buddha.

As we were walking around the temple towards the exit, we also see numerous alms bowl lining the wall of the hall. I had no idea how many there are, but after some reading, there were a total of 108 alms bowls, representing the 108 auspicious characters...

Interesting... interesting.

Ps: Photolog of Wat Po Reclining Buddha here.

3 Jujus:

[SK] said...

hey hey, i also thought there should be 108!! hahaha, just a sudden flash about that 108羅漢!! :D

Gratitude said...

it rhymes with the number of beads in a mala! ;)

Small Kucing said...

Very majestic. Last time I didnt know and call it sleeping buddha. Kena scolded. Buddha sleeping how to watch over the family :p