Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On Investing on the Shelf

Bought a huge shelf from Ikea when Sis first moved into her new place. Mum and Dad thought the shelf was simple yet useful. I actually wanted to help Sis designed her place into something more contemporary. But of course, without any background in interior designing and all the non-existent creativity, it was an effort in vain. So since I was on my holiday, I went to Ikea once more to kill time.

See, the thing about stuff from Ikea, they mix and match. And more often than not, you find that pieces often go well and fit perfectly. And I mean the boxes that slide into the shelf. LOL. I was helping Sis to clean and tidy up the shelf, so I thought might as well get one or two to put in the little pieces and get it organized.

And well... a piece of warning though. It was addictive. =.=" Went back a few more times after that to get some more boxes and organizers and all... In a week I think I went to the bank a few times to withdraw money.

Told my mum I didn't know where I spent my money! I mean, these stuff are like, so negligible you couldn't even remember. :(

But alas, the shelf looks tidy now. LOL

2 Jujus:

[SK] said...

oh yeah, i like this, so neat and tidy.. from IKEA?? how much??

savante said...

Arrange the boxes into a design then it would look great!