Thursday, December 15, 2011

On Getting Called to Move

I have a feeling my true calling is to travel; to not stay put in one place and be on the move. Though I do get comfortable when I'm settling down, I have always wanted to be a traveller, and I thought being a travel journalist is like, the oh-so-dream-come-true job. Going around different places, learning about different culture, and write about them sharing them with the readers.

And it doesn't help when I came across this series of video by STA travel of this guy shooting a video footage at different parts of the world and compile them into a 1 minute video. It touched me even more with the upbeat piano soundtrack, knowing I melt with each notes the key strike.
SO now that I've discovered something my brother told me a while ago, about students traveling at cheaper prices, I think I'm going to take some time off traveling around the world, and getting lost at unknown places getting help from the locals, and staying alive living another day to tell the adventures.
I think.

First step. Quit medicine.

It's so hard!

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Small Kucing said...

Go for it. Travel while you are young and unencumbered by family commitments