Monday, December 05, 2011

On Hartz Chicken Buffet

Purchased a deal on Groupon for Hartz Chicken Buffet not long ago, and decided to pay that place a visit last weekend. :D We used to visit Hartz back in Kuching when we were younger, with friends for gatherings and what not. But since all the schoolmates are now scattered all over the globe and we seldom meet up anymore; and the parents are not really fans of fried chicken, we haven't been to Hartz for such a long time.

So when I saw there was a deal for this eatery, I jumped in at the chance instantly.

The Hartz Chicken Buffet is located in Sunway Pyramid. Took me a while locating the shop. I'm a shopping mall noob, I get lost in shopping malls. LOL!

Choices of food wise, other than the fried chicken of spicy and non-spicy flavors, there are also a few other dishes.

Rice, vegetable, curry chicken. Chicken organs. Cakes. Salad bar which serve pretty good stuff, to me. And free flow drinks.

I personally love the curry chicken. But I could only have a certain amount of rice without stuffing myself to bloatedness.

Had 6 pieces of fried chicken though. LOL!

Not entirely sure this is a highly recommended place. But if you're 'carnivore', and you have a big tummy, and you want a place with free-flow food at just one price and lots of time to kill, this is definitely the place to go. XD

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[SK] said...

i remember i went to this HCB way like 15 years ago and loved it, when they are newly opened in the new Sunway Pyramid.. not intended to go there now, can't afford to gain victory over buffets anymore~~ :D

Tempus said...

Hartz was so so, the last time i went was like 2005? Sheesh 6 years since I had it. Maybe the quality in Pyramid went up.

Lost in pyramid for Hartz? Ok clearly u ain't no subang local XD

Small Kucing said...

Been there before a few yrs ago. Kira so-so la

foongpc said...

Long time I didn't go Hartz Chicken Buffet - is it still as good as last time? Anyway, I don't think I can eat that much now! : )

ooi2009 said...

i like it la

Twilight Man said...

Looks nice and sounds yummy! Grandma has never been there! Bring her!

Anonymous said...

The outlet in Sunway Pyramid has aged much and lacks proper maintenance; it's old-looking, laminated floors are peeling off and covered in dark stains with duct-tapes on some areas. Design, decoration, furnishing and lighting are very poor. Its atmosphere is dull and depressing. In terms of ambiance it's 1 star out of 5.

The restaurant is not very clean. We found a piece of very, very dry chicken bone on our seat.

Food is of low quality. The only thing worth having is the various styles of fried/roast chicken. Salad, soup and other dishes are very unappetizing and not worth the price paid.

Food presentation is extremely poor, and some (local) dishes look and taste like they have been cooked by household maids in a rush.

Plates, bowls, glasses and cups are all made of plastic and full of scratches and dark stains.

With their current pricing of RM30/pax, it's definitely, absolutely, positively NOT worth it; unless you can eat around 8 pieces of chicken all by yourself (based on RM 3.50/piece of chicken).

The dessert choices are pathetic and the steamed cakes have hard texture; they look and taste like those sold on roadside stalls.

Point is, it's not worth trying at all. I paid RM 19.90 and still regret going coz there was really nothing special for the price.

As I said earlier, try this only if you can eat tons of chicken. If not, try something else. This place has nothing to offer except their chicken (last I tried in Feb 2012: 3 types of fried chicken and 1 roasted chicken; they have other chicken dishes, but they were very lousy).

To be fair, the chicken (fried+roasted) was quite good, served hot and crispy, and always refilled. Their staff was friendly and quick to clear dirty dishes from the table. That's where all the good part ends.

LeeZ said...

I have never been there, nos there is coupon for it...for rm19.90. Should I go and try?