Wednesday, November 02, 2011

On Binging on Siew Pau

Wonder if you ever saw this by the North South highway if you're travelling from South towards KL or vice versa, just next to the exit to Seremban? Well, the other day when the family was in town and we were headed to Port Dickson, Mum remembered that perhaps we could drop by Seremban to get some siew pau. And she particularly referred to the ones from this empire, since she and Sis always missed the junction when they were driving past last time. So that day, I made sure I found the place, even though I vaguely remembered where it was, since I've only been there once; and I actually took the trunk road from Port Dickson instead of the highway. But alas we made it.

Who'd have guessed, compared to my first visit when the customers were not in order; the visitors that day were actually far worse. The bakery couldn't even meet the demand. Customers were waiting patiently for the pastries. And once they were out from the oven, the whole tray were gone in minutes. People were getting boxes of 10 by the dozens!

I managed to get 5 remaining ones for tasting while we had something to eat in the restaurant in front of the bakery. But after our meal, Mum and Sis decided to try their luck to get the pork siew pau. I was half laughing they wouldn't get any since the porks' were gone by the seconds!

But 5 minutes later, they came back with these...

Lasted as our breakfast for the next 3 days. LOL!

4 Jujus:

Twilight Man said...

Their Siew Pau is really good when eaten fresh and so heavenly! Why none for me Medie?????

[SK] said...

so long i've not eaten Seremban Siew Pau already.. so your mum and sis managed to get two boxes of 10s??

Gratitude said...

Overrated! and it seems to be getting smaller as the years go-by.

Danny said...

my goodness.. thats really whole lot of siew pau..
btw, really taste that good ahh? ;)